Radio Hommage #8 - Efalive of the Jazoburbs

andhim - Melte (Official Music Video)

Our new video for the superhouse boys ANDHIM.

Filmed, edited & directed by EDITUDE PICTURES.

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Umse feat. Megaloh - In Aufruhr (Offizielles Video)

Raps // Umse feat. Megaloh
Beat // Deckah
Kamera & Schnitt // Andreas Lamoth & Frederic Leitzke

Umse’s neues Album “Kunst für Sich” erscheint am 25.07.2014 auf Jakarta Records.

Make Your Own Sign Workshops with Otto Baum & Rylsee

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Sau Poler - Isolated


Berlin 3014

Ritter Butzke Wagen at Karneval der Kulturen 2014

2014 hat die Ritter Butzke den Pfingstsonntag unsicher gemacht. Denn in Kooperation mit ‘Head vs Heart’ hat sich der Club das erste Mal sehr erfolgreich am Karneval der Kulturen mit einem eigenen Gefährt beteiligt. Der Videobeweis liegt hiermit offiziell vor.

Wasted Ruffians - Work It

editude pictures

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editude pictures - Showreel 2014

Kyson - No Such Thing As Me (

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Franco Fasoli - JAZ in Berlin

After two successful group shows with Argentinian based artist Franco Fasoli – JAZ, BC Gallery continuous the collaboration with a solo show under the title VINCULO. From June 6th to July 26th visitors will be able to experience his paintings which are defined by the tensions of ambivalence. The works are specifically made to be arranged in the gallery space and therefore fill the atmosphere with the spirit of his vision.

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 6th, 6pm
Artist is present.


Duration of the exhibition:
June 6th to July 26th

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, 1 pm to 6 pm
and by appointment

Music by:
Chancha via Circuito
Tornasol (ft. Leandro Frias)

Camera and edit by:

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Sokar Uno @ Kosmonaut Berlin

Short recap of Berlin-based artist Sokar Uno painting at Club Kosmonaut.

K-Def - Touching Realness

Sokar Uno


editude pictures

editunes at Urban Spree Beergarden #1
For the first time this summer the Editude Pictures crew will host their newborn party-series “editunes”, a monthly get-together at the beautiful beergarden of Urban Spree with an eclectic mix of various music-genres.Come by to dance, drink and chill with us.June 14th, 8pm.Free entry.Music by:Tweak Sensei & efalive of the jazoburbs out for our upcoming podcast series on: by:

editunes at Urban Spree Beergarden #1

For the first time this summer the Editude Pictures crew will host their newborn party-series “editunes”, a monthly get-together at the beautiful beergarden of Urban Spree with an eclectic mix of various music-genres.
Come by to dance, drink and chill with us.

June 14th, 8pm.
Free entry.

Music by:

Tweak Sensei & efalive of the jazoburbs



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Brand new podcast by efalive of the jazoburbs for “es schallt im Wald”.


1. Daniel Bortz - The Misery ft. Nils Corssen (Nu And Pauli Vs Acid Remix) // Suol, 2014 //

2. David Hasert - Holy Drums // Like, 2013 //

3. Rampue - Somebody like you (ft. The Feather Man) // not on label, 2012 //

4. Madmotormiquel - We’ll never know // Ritter Butzke Studio, 2014 //

5. Adriatique ft. Name One - Midnight Walking (Dub Mix) // Culprit, 2014 //

6. Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants // BOSO, 2014 //

7. Karl Friedrich - Claps // Hommage, 2014 //

8. Nutia - Papo // LikeBirdz Records, 2013 //

9. Satori & El Mundo - In a blink of an eye // Bla Bla, 2011 //

10. Ben Böhmer - Desolate // Bade Records, 2014 //

11. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Ordinary (Lake People’s Circle Motive Remix) // Musik gewinnt Freunde, 2012 //

12. Ricoshei - Perfect like you // Pampa, 2014 //

Innovation im digitalen Zeitalter mit Andreas Gebhardt #rp14

Andreas Gebhardt ist Geschäftsführer und Mit-Gründer der re:publica, die u.a. von der Deutschen Bank bei der Durchführung unterstützt wird: Der gebürtige Kölner arbeitet seit 2002 als Gründer von verschiedenen Unternehmen in Berlin an der weiteren Verbreitung von Open Source Technologien in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Gebhardt hat verschiedene Ämter und Mandate in der Kommunal-, Bundes- und Europapolitik.

Weitere Videos zu Innovation im digitalen Zeitalter mit #rp-Sprecherin Sarah Spiekermann und #rp-Sprecher Holm Friebe

Ein Video zum Thema Digitalisierung in Unternehmen finden Sie hier

New little back to back dj-mix by efalive and mhx6!



BC Gallery presents The Wall by Da Mental Vaporz
From April 26th to May 31st the well known French street-art collective “Da Mental Vaporz” will hold an exhibition in Berlin under the title “The Wall” which is to be seen at the two gallery spaces of BC Gallery. Matching the title of the show the crew will also design a large scale mural painting next to the S-Bahn station Warschauerstraße, which is going to complete the show by overlooking the whole area. Through this mural design the spectator will have to opportunity to discover the core of the matter of what distinguishes the individual members of the crew as an organic unity. As all of them have already created their very own sophisticated styles which work perfectly well independently, what connects the artists does not lie directly in the content or style they create but more in the fact that they find ways to bring all those diverse parts together, in a balanced tension and create something completely new. Their preferred medium for that fusion is mural painting which makes clear that the title of their upcoming exhibition“The Wall” is not just a hint at the vast mural design which will be part of the show, but also displays the deeper meaning of what really holds the artists together.

Duration of the exhibition:
April 26th to May 31st
Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday
1 pm – 6 pm

About the Collective
The France based artist collective, DMV “Da Mental Vaporz” consists of ten members: Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Iso, Dran, Kan, Lek, Gris1, Jaw and Sowat. The works of these artists can speak for themselves independently, differentiating from each other mostly in medium as in style and technique that which as soon as they are shown in a common context, creates an extraordinarily interesting and thrilling relationship. As can be deduced from the name “Da Mental Vaporz”, which, translated, means “The Vapors of the Psyche” it is for the artists a matter of concern to make the observer aware of the abyss of the personal psyche. This is translated by each individual member of the collective in their own way and leads to a multifaceted wealth of style, which, collectively, puts its mark on the important tides of the art of the 20th century. During a visit to a DMV show or by observing the walls created by them in an urban setting, everything is offered to the beholder, from old school Graffiti to Pop Art and all the way to Surrealism, abstract Expressionism, Cubism and pore Abstraction. As different as these styles seem, the artists are, nevertheless, able, in their commonly created works, to bring together a harmonious symbiosis, which, although marked by tension, remains balanced. Their preferred media are spray cans, acrylic, mixed media. The artists also attempt to bring to life installations that are created in the urban environment (where they create most of their art) into a gallery framework.

About the show
The title of the show “The Wall” explains in one word the most passionate part of most urban contemporary artist today. The public wall space has been a platform to all different kinds of art forms for decades now. From Harring and Basquiat to Banksy and Kaws, thanks to diversity and quality the “Graffiti” or “Mural” art form has well established itself in the contemporary art scene. For the DMV big murals are a way to express their collective creativity and have enough room for each artist to bring in his personal style without getting cramped or overloaded.

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Camera and Edit


Freunde von Freunden - Holm Friebe

Our conversation with Holm Friebe is part of a collaboration with Deutsche Bank that engages with topics concerning innovation in the digital age. Holm Friebe will expand on these themes at the re:publica 2014 conference in Berlin from the 6th to the 8th of May.

Check the whole interview and pictures:

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Check our little portrait about Holm Friebe for Freunde von Freunden / Deutsche Bank / re:publica14